Pride Legend Mobility Scooter

Pride Legend Mobility Scooter – Luxury, Safety and Power

The Pride Legend Mobility Scooter is the top of the line medical mobility scooter from Pride Mobility.  The Pride Legend Scooter features a reclining high-back seat with adjustable headrest and an optional power elevating seat that will ensure you always have the most comfortable ride possible. Safety is no afterthought with the luxurious Legend Mobility Scooter either.  A dual-bulb adjustable headlight illuminates your

Home Friendly Of Your Mobility Scooter

Make Home Friendly Of Your Mobility Scooter

Accessibility around the home means different things to different people depending on their dependence on a medical mobility scooter. This article will therefore only discuss the topic in general terms. One way to look at this issue is to consider accessibility approaching the house, entering the house and within the house. Approaching the House While