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Electric Folding Bike informative review-

There are plenty of electric bike motor kits out there but very few work on folding bikes without modification. No longer! We’ve developed an electric folding bike kit that is tailored to the exact needs of folding bicycles and it’s been announced on our blog! The kit was originally designed around the Brompton folding bike but can be used with almost any folding bicycle with 16 to 20-inch wheels. Our electric folding bike kit blog focuses on a particular installation on a Dahon folding bike called the Bullhead.

Electric Folding Bike

Revamped Pacific Cycles Folding Bike Section

Now that we’re carrying the IF Reach folding bike we figured it was about time to clean up our Pacific Cycles folding bike section. This includes such great bicycles as the IF Mode and Strida LT. If you haven’t already checked it out I would definitely suggest taking a moment to look at our Pacific Cycles bikes page for more information on this great folding bicycle manufacturer and the innovative products they offer!

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New Folding Bike from Pacific Cycles: IF Reach!

It’s amazing what a company like Pacific Cycles can come up with! Their Electric Folding Bike the IF Reach has the ride of a road bike with the fold of a folding bike. We just started carrying a limited supply of IF Reach folding bicycles in a beautiful white finish. If you’ve been searching for a folding bicycle that is both fast and compact you need to check out the IF Reach!

Electric Folding Bike

Stromer electric bicycle now at NYCeWheels

The Stromer electric bike, a Swiss design, is now on the floor at NYCeWheels and we’re proud to have it too. This electric bicycle uses 2 modes: power on demand and pedal assistance. It is one of the best we’ve ever carried and with top quality components, it is a bike to last as well. Mark rode the Stromer bike for the first time and was very impressed by the power and feel of this electric bike. His Stromer electric bike review details the fun and adventures his first Stromer bike experience.

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Don’t take our word for it: Read Sam’s Dahon Bullhead story

Why listen to salespeople when you can read the direct experience of an everyday rider? That’s how we feel anyway. And for that reason, we’d like to feature a blog on the Dahon bullhead folding bike by a customer of ours who recently decided to start a blog series on it. Read his blog, Dahon Bullhead: Quick to Fold and Built for Stout which comes from the perspective of a middle-aged rider who has a passion for folding bikes. He goes over the pros of the design and what he finds striking about it.

Electric Folding Bike

One of our nicest BionX electric bike conversions yet!

This weekend we finished a BionX bike conversion that happened to be one of the nicest yet! It was a Dahon Briza BionX bike and man was it cool. The Briza is a 7-speed folding bike with 24-inch wheels and a low step-through frame. It’s a folding electric bike that would fit nearly anyone and is perfect for city commuters and country riders alike. For more on this great electric bike, conversion read our blog on the Dahon Briza folding bike with BionX. There are a few nice pictures and some close-ups of the juicy details.

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Kettler electric bikes now in stock.

Do you ever have that feeling when you’re really excited about something you’ve ordered that each day is creeping past and all the anticipation is making it seem like it takes forever to arrive? That’s just how we feel about our Kettler Twin electric bicycles. Now that they’re in we’re thinking, “Wow, they’re here already!” The anticipation with which we awaited the arrival of our Kettler electric bicycles was well warranted. These electric bikes are some of the finest you can get and are loaded with features that place them head and shoulders over so many other electric bikes. Take a look at the Kettler electric bike, now in stock, and see for yourself why we’re so excited to have them.

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Hannah’s Manhattan Waterfront Electric Folding Bike Ride and Picnic

How would you like to come on a laid back folding bike ride through New York City, with a relaxing picnic on the waterfront? Well, that’s exactly what Hannah has in mind for this folding bike picnic ride. Join in for an evening of fun and relaxation, blow off some steam after work, or just come hang on one of the coolest folding bike rides of the summer. This is also a great way to try a Brompton folding bike on an extended test ride. We are renting 10 yellow Brompton folding bikes for the event (while they last). Sign up today to reserve your bike!

Electric Folding Bike

Order your BionX 48v Special Edition electric kit while supplies last

The new 48V BionX PL350 kit is now in stock but this limited edition run will only be around for a limited time. If you want the lightest BionX kit out there, a kit that weighs only 15 lbs and features a super efficient 48V electric system, you want the new BionX XLSL kit. We just released a new video on the BionX PL350 Special Edition, check it out on the 48V BionX product page.

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This Monday, Free Brompton Electric Folding Bike tour!

It’s your chance to try a Brompton folding bike in New York City. Our free Brompton folding bike tours are intended to give our customers a chance to ride the folding bike of their dreams and try before they buy.

This Monday our tour guide Ralph will be leading a fun tour through Central Park, including the historical background of various famous locations! Reserve your spot on the next Brompton folding bike NYC tour.

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