Free bike tour of NYC on a Brompton folding bike

Ever wanted to try out a Brompton folding bike for a day? I mean, the design is great, and the reviews are better, but what’s it really like to ride the worlds best folding bike? The Brompton folding bike is definitely our most popular folding bike and if you haven’t ridden one this may be your chance. We’ll be running free Brompton folding bike tours of NYC for people looking to try out these folding bikes. It’s not every day you get to go on a guided tour of New York City on a Brompton. Contact us if you’d like to join!.

Brompton folding bike

New Brompton Folding Bike Suspension Article.

We’ve been selling more and more Brompton folding bikes, and a lot of those are custom built Bromptons. People often have a lot of questions about their custom-built folding bikes and we want to make sure everyone knows exactly what they’re getting. If you can’t come into the shop you may find it difficult to learn some small details about the Brompton folding bike you want. That’s why we’ve created a whole section of Brompton folding bike options. One of the latest option pages we’ve created focuses on the Brompton folding bike suspensions block. Brompton suspension blocks come in two styles: standard and firm. Which one is right for you? Read this article on Brompton folding bike suspension to learn more.

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Custom Built Brompton folding bike tools updated!

We’ve updated our custom Brompton folding bike tool, making it easier than ever to build a custom Brompton. There are now two options for building the folding bike of your dreams: reading and watching. The Brompton folding bike is one of our favorite folding bikes and we love to help people customize them. The updated custom Brompton bike tool is easier than ever. Building a folding bike to your exact specifications is a matter of clicking a few buttons. Get started building you the Brompton folding bike of your dreams today!

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Beautiful new Brompton folding bike page.

We love Brompton folding bikes. We are totally enamored with the design and the style and the look. The problem was, our Brompton bike page was confusing and hard to navigate. With so many customers looking passing through on their way to custom built folding bikes we wanted the experience to be fun and exciting. That’s why we’ve updated our Brompton folding bike page with helpful new images and descriptions leading to the most popular destinations. In stock Brompton folding bikes and custom, builds are the two main sections. There is also a link to Brompton accessories. Overall we hope this is a more elegant and helpful presentation and one which will follow on the rest of our main folding bike sections.

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Brompton Accessories: What Makes It Your Brompton?Brompton folding bike

Brompton folding bikes are some of the best engineered, and best thought out folding bikes on the market. It should be no surprise then that they also have a wide range of accessories that integrate perfectly with that design. I think the reason why this folding bike manufacturer has so many great add-ons is that their bike was originally designed for commuting. For that reason, they built their bike as a workhorse, ready and willing to help you get things done. What accessories are there? Well, there are lights, racks, luggage bags, travel cases… The list goes on. In fact, these are some of the things that make a bike unique and distinguish any other Brompton folding bike from your own personal bike? What do you need to make life easier, more relaxed, and more fun? Get it all on our newly revamped Brompton accessories page!

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New Dahon Vector X27h product video

We’re always trying to create new and useful ways for our customers to interact with products they are interested in. It’s the closest to “try before you buy” you can get when web shopping. That’s why we’ve got so many product videos that go in depth into each of our folding and electric bicycles. The latest is on a Dahon folding bike, the Vector X27h. The Vector X27h folding bike is one of the most high performance folding bikes on the market. It has 27 speeds and a super wide gear range thanks to the SRAM Dual Drive system. This is one folding bike that would be great for long distance rides, group roadie rides, or just getting around with full efficiency. Check out the Dahon Vector X27h product video to learn more.

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Mark’s Dahon Vector X10 folding bike review

Mark took the Dahon Vector X10 folding bike out for a review today and man is he hooked. We asked him if we could pack it up to ship back to Dahon and he was like, “Nope, this is my new bike.” It’s a pretty glowing review, but then again, it’s an amazing folding bike. So there’s really no surprise there. Mark’s a practical bike guy though, he likes tough and well built. The Vector X10 is a real racer and he had a lot to say about the design. Read Mark’s Dahon Vector X10 review to find out what he thought of this folding bike on his first ride. This fast folding bike is one of the coolest to come through our shop yet. Read on!

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New Dahon Vector X10 product video

The Dahon Vector X10 folding bike is one of the coolest new folding bicycles on the market. We got a chance to do a Vector X10 video demo and jumped at it. The man was this bike fun to ride! Peter and Bert took it out the Central Park and came back with some amazing footage. Watch the latest folding bike video review from the film-makers at NYCeWheels. The Vector X10 folding bike is fast, easy to carry, and easy to fold. It’s a great city commuter or weekend racer. Check out our Dahon Vector X10 video review.

Brompton folding bike

Folding Bike Section gets Make Over

Who wants to shop at internet retailers with shabby presentation and poor quality information? We want our customers to feel the same assurance when they buy folding bikes like those from Dahon or Brompton online as they would coming in the shop. That’s why we’ve been spending time revamping our folding bicycle section. The new page is better and cleaner than before. It is easier than ever to find the perfect folding bike to fit your needs. With many bikes to choose from, we kept it simple. Look for your next folding bike in our folding bike section page. Hope you like it…

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Newer, more efficient electric bikes!

We just got the first Kettler electric bike in the shop and man is it gorgeous. The clean design, full chain cover and built-in rear rack all contribute to an electric bicycle that is a real eye-catcher. The Kettler Twin is one of the best electric bicycles on the market and we are very excited to be carrying it. What makes a Kettler bike so good? Most of it has to do with the Panasonic drive system which integrates with your leg power completely to deliver a real hybrid feeling. Along with the Gepida Reptila, this is one of the nicest riding electric bikes out there.


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