My sides of my scooter and the asphalt have come to meet each other on several occasions. I’ve accepted this fact, that it’s just a magnet for bumpers and drunks. Though I’m not terribly concerned about aesthetics, as it’s my primary vehicle year-round, what did bother me was the exposure to rust. I’m no professional, but I know enough to know that rust isn’t good.

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Paint Repair

The parts themselves aren’t expensive to replace. The last time I priced it out, it was right around the insurance deductible, and right now it would be $285 from Babbitt’s. and I could easily replace them myself. My concern in doing this, though, is that it’ll just happen again. So I kind of blew it off. But then, then, I learned of the magic of Plasti Dip. Rubber in a can, you say? Peel off and reapply, whenever? For six bucks a can, I was sold. I had planned on doing it a few Fridays ago, but other things came up. And then that night some drunk guy knocked it over, so it was a good thing anyway, and I set to work on ripping it apart the next day.

I never said I knew what I was doing, but I’m pretty handy with a screwdriver and socket set. Passenger handles, footrests, mirrors, and handlebar end weights all came off plenty easy. Plasti Dip is pretty amazing shit, in that even when you’re trying to fuck it up, it still manages to dry smooth. A few coats on everything over the course of the week and I was satisfied.

I think the rear handles ended up looking pretty damn slick blacked out. They really look like they should’ve been black, to begin with. The same definitely goes for the footrests. Just plain badass blending in with the body like that. Honestly, I was tempted to try leaving them off altogether, and just use the bolts as footrests, but they’re pretty mission-critical in terms of taking the hit on the pavement. Without them, the plastic body panels would be taking it and breaking. Can’t fix them with Plasti Dip (as evidenced by my currently missing muffler guard).

Bottom line? I spent $12 on paint and got results that I’d gladly pay someone at least $100 for. I’d call that a job well is done.

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