Looking for an Electric bike, Electric Scooters Reviews, electric powered trike, electric conversion kit, kick scooter or folding bike? NYCewheels has got you covered. Located on the Upper East Side in New York City, NY and shipping the world over, we are a quality dealer of alternative transportation products and a full-service shop.

There is an electric bike, folding bike, electric scooter, kick scooter or custom electric trike for everyone’s personal transportation needs, no matter what the criteria are. Come in for a test drive, send us an email or call us, we can work with you to choose the perfect vehicle to meet your needs.

Zernike electric bikes, Lithium-Ion powered high-performance bicycles eZee bike electric bikes are now available in the US. We carry the complete line of eZeebikes, with a choice of NiMH or Lithium energy sets. The line of eZeebike electric bikes is supported by a group of leading quality electric bike dealers.

Electric Scooters Reviews

What is Personal Electric Transportation?

Personal electric transportation is any form of the vehicle designed to carry one person that is powered by an electric motor and rechargeable batteries. The most common forms of personal electric vehicles are electric bicycles and electric scooters. There are many factors involved in choosing the right electric powered vehicle, for starters, you should determine if you want an electric bike or an electric scooter.

Electric Scooters Reviews

Electric Bicycle or Electric Scooter? What’s right for me?

Electric bikes and electric scooters can both work well in many situations, and by asking yourself s few questions you can determine which one will do the job for you. The main differences are size and range. Electric bicycles are bigger and heavier then electric scooters, but they have a greater range per charge, and if you ever get caught short you always have the option to pedal. Electric scooters are much smaller and compact than bicycles making them better urban commuters than bicycles, especially for anyone who is “space challenged” (pretty much everyone I know in New York City!).

Once you’ve determined an electric bicycle over an electric scooter or vice versa, you should examine several factors in order to narrow down your options for the perfect ride. For example, a 58 lb Go-Ped ESR 750 might not be right for those living in a 5th-floor walk up, while a 19.5 lb Go Motorboard would be perfect. An eZee bike is almost a necessity if you live in the Rocky Mountains, but you’d be fine with the 24-volt e-Bike Enviro in flat Virginia Beach. Click on the links to learn more about both: electric scooters, electric bicycles.

Electric Scooters Reviews

What about Service and Repairs?

NYCeWHEELS stocks parts for all the scooters, bikes and motorbikes we sell, as well as many others. We have a full-service shop on the Upper East Side in New York, NY with a knowledgable staff. We stand behind all the products we sell and provide product support long after your warranty is expired. We also offer technical assistance over the phone for our customers living outside of New York City. There have been many times we shipped replacement parts to a customer and then walked them through the installation on the phone. Not sure if you need a new set of batteries or a new charger? Can’t figure out what size drive belt your scooter uses? Call us and we can help you find the answer. We also do repairs by mail in those rare cases when your electric scooter cannot be fixed over the phone. We’ll always find a way to get you riding again quickly.

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