How to Close a Razor Scooter | Learn Easy 8 Steps

Razor scooter can provide your ultimate feelings of self-riding. The capacity of folding has made this scooter popular to the younger. Folding a razor scooter is the easiest job if you know the right way of how to close a razor scooter?

I have mentioned the easiest ways to fold and unfold a razor scooter in this article. You will get some tricks of folding razor scooters for adults.

So, how to close a razor scooter?

Keep calm and start from the first step.

Step 1 Place the Scooter on flat ground:

Place your razor scooter in a flat ground. Make sure that the scooter is now steady and ready for the operation.

You will find most of the scooter easy to fold or close. If you don’t find any idea of folding the scooter, then you can follow these easy steps.

Here, you have to find the levers at first. Just look at the joint, you will find some levers in the corner of every point. To make it first, look at the handlebar and steering column. You should get the two levers to release there.

Put your foot on the foot stand between the two wheels. Lose your weight on the scooter and check whether it is steady or not.

Always be careful of your fingers although the operation is not a heavy one.

Step 2 Release the handle buttons:

If you standing on the foot stand in the scooter, then you can see the buttons behind the handlebar. You should get the small buttons on the backside.

Push the buttons to release the handle grips. Try to push the grips together to release the grips easily. Once you press the buttons, the grips should come out easily.

In the case of some scooter, you don’t need to remove the grips to fold the scooter. If you carry the scooter after folding it, then you should release the handgrips fist.

In junior scooters, you may not find these buttons on the handlebar to separate the grips. In this case, search for the final lever to fold the entire scooter.

Step 3 Slide out the grips:

After pressing the buttons, grab a grip, and pull out it. It should come out easily. Make sure you have operated the buttons properly.

Do this same operation for the opposite handgrip. Don’t twist the grips so that you may not harm the levers.

You will have better experience in folding the scooter if you can read the user manual of the scooter for once. You should get proper instructions on how to fold a razor scooter.

Step 4 Search for the clasp and pull it open:

Look at the steering column. It is the front piece of the scooter that joins the handlebar to the foot stand.

One side of this column is a clasp that you can adjust at your suitable height. If you fixed the height of the column, then you must know where the lever is.

Pull open the lever to release the clasp from the foot stand. It may need to twist the clasp to pull away from the column from the scooter.

Don’t be hurry in this case. You should not damage the levers. Any inconvenience in the clasp may damage your future riding.

Step 5 Push the steering column down:

Release the clasp of the steering column and press the steering column as far as it goes down. Make sure you have released the clasp completely.

The steering column should lower into the main body of the scooter. To make sure you have lowered the column completely, twist the column several times.

After a few whiles, the steering column should disappear in the main body of the scooter. You have the option to release the entire column by pulling it out.

Grab the handlebar and press it down to fold the scooter. Twist the column and press it again. Make sure that your fingers are safe.

Then, attach the clasp in the same place properly. Make sure it is tight enough and won’t come out automatically.

Step 6 Flip the scooter upside down:

Now, step off from the foot stand of the scooter. Hold the steering column and flip the scooter upside down.

Don’t throw the scooter the ground. Place the scooter on the ground slowly. Now, try to pull out the foot stand of the scooter from the steering bar.

If you can move the foot stand from the steering bar, then you didn’t fold it properly. Turn it on the first position and press the handlebar to lower the steering column. It should fix with the body automatically.

Step 7 Push the lever on the bottom:

Now, you have come to the bottom of this operation. While you are standing beside the scooter keeping it upside down, search for the bottom lever.

Look at the corner of the front wheel. This lever should be on the joint between the steering bar and the footpad. The lever is the only staff that holds the connection between the footpad and the steering bar.

Use your other hand to reach the bottom lever. Release the bottom lever to fold the scooter completely. Make sure you have held the scooter upside down easily.

After releasing the lever, it should start folding automatically by the gravity of the earth. Push the footpad to fold the scooter.

If you are folding Razor Jr, then you will find this only lever on the bottom to fold it. Just release this lever and fold the scooter up.

Step 8 Unfold the scooter by pressing the lever:

To unfold the scooter again, just release this lever and pull the steering column from the main body. It should open to the first position again.

You may have to look at the scooter mechanism first to locate the levers. Once you have the levers, you can fold and unfold any razor scooter at any time.

Bottom line:

You may have to read the article on how to close a razor scooter for more than one. You can follow these instructions for folding or unfolding electric razor also.

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