Discovering How to Fold Up Knee Scooter?

A knee scooter or a knee walker has either two, three, or even four wheels. It is an alternative to walking crutches, and it offers a lot of assistance to the users.

The scooter has several other names, and this differs from one region to another. Just like other types of scooters, this particular one will require folding after the whole day’s use.

In this article, I am going to teach you how to do the folding. I shall highlight all the steps that you require to follow when doing it. Please read through the article for more information.

What are the steps to follow when folding the knee scooter?

Knee scooters come in various designs and from different manufacturers. It, therefore, means that folding and unfolding it will depend much on the brand that you have.

However, there are similarities in folding all these types of machinery. It should be an easy process to do. So long as you follow the procedure as provided by the manufacturer, it should take less than two minutes to complete the task.

The below steps will guide you through the general procedure of doing it. Feel free to refer to it at all times.

How to Fold Up Knee Scooter

The procedure:

Look for the folding tiller.

It is usually on the lower part of all the scooters. It looks like a huge horizontal comma. The tiller has a two-way lock system, which is the primary clamp lock and the secondary pin lock.

In some models, you can slide the pin from left to right to lock, and vice versa to unlock. The procedure is quite similar for several models, if not all the models, of the knee scooter. The primary clamp is basic, and the secondary one complements the primary lock.

Fold the mast.

Unlock the primary lock.

You will do this in two ways. The aim is to unlock the primary clamp. First, raise the clamp lock straight to 90 degrees. From there, pull the clam forward while keeping it at the horizontal position.

When you finish the two exercises, the primary lock will be open. It is that simple to do the task. From this point, you will proceed to unlock the secondary lock clamp.

Unlock the secondary lock.

Begin by sliding the pin lock to the left. It will disengage the pin from the pinhole. Proceed to release the pin lock and slowly lower the mast. You can only do this when you disengage the column or, otherwise, you may end up damaging the lock system.

Please remember to hold the mast when disengaging the pin lock from the pinhole. Failure to observe that precaution may lead to sudden falls, and that may cause injuries.

Hold the mast using one hand while disengaging the pin using the other hand. The mast is light in weight, and hence t should not be challenging to do it with one hand.

A point to note.

Not all the scooters have the same folding, locking, and unfolding system. If your brand does not fit the above explanation, then you may need to consult your manufacturer or even the user manual.

The reason for the inconsistency is because different manufacturers create theirs with some distinctive features. One of them could be the lock and unlock system.

It is excellent, however, to note that the lock and fold system works in the same way, no matter the design. All the systems perform similarly, only that the operation/application might look somewhat different from the rest.

Store the knee scooter.

Once through with the folding, you can store it for later use, or even take it with you for an expedition. The scooter is light, and hence you can carry it when going out for an adventure.

Can you collapse a knee scooter?

Yes, you can collapse/fold the scooter. That makes it possible to transport it to any place that you are going to. The height-adjustable one has a handlebar that you can set to match the scooter. The height of such ranges from 17 inches to 23 inches, making it easy to set the comfort level.

Can they also work on carpet?

Yes, they also work on carpet. However, some brands might not work well on such surfaces. In that case, you will need to fold it using the above procedure and keep it away.

If your scooter work on a carpet, then you must be careful when transiting between surfaces. The carpeted surface might be higher than the surface that has none.

Always go slowly with a lot of caution when shifting from different surfaces. Protect yourself against harm and damages to your machine while on such surfaces.

Which is better between a knee scooter and crutches?

It is easier to use a knee scooter as compared to crutches. The scooter makes mobility a possibility, but on the other hand, the crutches rely on the strength of the upper body to assist in movements

What is the similarity between the two products?

Both aid in mobility. If someone has an afflicted leg, mobility becomes a challenge. One can use either of the two products for movements.

However, I would encourage one to go for the scooter. It offers more than what one needs. When you are through with the exercise, you can fold it and keep it safe for future use.

The crutches do not have such capabilities. Place them leaning against a wall or any other item, that is when you want to keep them for later use. You can as well place them on the ground.

How long does it take to fold a knee scooter?

It depends on the brand. However, it should not take more than two minutes to complete the task. Unlock both the primary and secondary lock and lower the mast, all in under two minutes!


To fold a knee scooter is a simple task, yet if you do not do it in the right way, you will not manage. Make sure that you follow the procedure that is in this guide. If the model of your knee scooter is different, then you will need to consult your manufacturer. Alternatively, you can refer to the user manual.

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