How to Open a Razor Scooter?

Opening a razor scooter can be a quick job if you know the right way of how to open a razor scooter. I have mentioned the easiest way of how to unfold a razor scooter below.

Look: You have to know the sections and adjustable points of a razor scooter first.

A razor scooter is a common staff in our house. Folding and unfolding the scooter is an everyday task. Read the steps one by one and apply them accordingly.

 Parts of a razor scooter:

  • Handlebar
  • Handle Grips
  • T-tube
  • Steering tube quick-release
  • Steering column
  • Collar clamp
  • Joint lever or mechanism
  • Deck or footpad
  • Breaks
  • Wheels- front and rear

How to open a razor scooter?

Step 1 Place the scooter on flat ground:

Place the folded razor scooter on the ground. Make sure the place is flat and safe enough to open the razor.

You can open the razor scooter in your hand if it is lightweight. Placing the scooter in the ground to unfold will be the best way to avoid any risk.

Before going deeper, you must ensure your safety. Don’t put your fingers on the joint.

Step 2 Identify the buttons and clamps:

If you fold the scooter yourself, then you should know the clamps, buttons, and quick-release areas.

I have mentioned the parts of the scooter in the previous paragraph. Look at the parts from the beginning to capture all the points. You may not need to operate in all the points.

In the handlebar, you will find two handle grips and two buttons on the back of the handlebar. Jr. Razor scooters may not have these buttons.

Look at the T-tube, you will get a Quick-release clamp between the T-tube and steering column.
Get the collar clamp just before the footpad. Look at the joint lever or mechanism between the steering column and the footpad. It should be at the corner.

Step 3 Release the joint lever:

Look at the joint lever at the corner between the steering column and the footpad. Don’t put your fingers on the joint.

You should find a clamp to pull. It should be attached to the corner. It is placed at the corner, that’s why it is called a joint lever. It can be a little bit hard to pull out.

Hold the clump of the joint lever and pull it out. Press the lever strongly so that you can make it in the first try.

Once the clamp is open, pull the steering column up. It should reach maximum height. Attach the clamp in the same position so that it may not bend with your pressure.

Step 4 Release the collar clamp:

Look at the collar clamp just before the joint lever. Pull out the collar camp so that you can move the steering column.

You may not find this collar clamp in all types of razor scooters. After releasing the steering column, fix the clamp in the same position.

Step 5 Release the steering T-tube quick-release:

You will get it between the steering column and handlebar. Pull out the quick-release. Hold the clamp and pull it out.

Hold tightly the steering column with one hand and handlebar with another hand. You may have to twist the handlebar to pull it out.

Don’t push too much strength while you are pulling out the handlebar. Too much pressure may cause potential damages in the steering column and the handlebar as well.

Opening the quick-release clamp, fix the height of the handlebar that suits you. You can pull down the bar to lessen the height.

Fold the quick-release after operating the handlebar. Make sure the clamp is in the same position.

Step 6 Adjust the height of the handlebar:

Place your foot on the footpad and measure the height of the handlebar. It should be at a comfortable height.

If not, then pull out the quick-release clamp and adjust the height.

Step 7 Attach the handle grips pushing the buttons on the handlebar:

Now, turn to the handlebar. You may have to fix the handle grips.

Look at the button in the back of the handlebar. Press the buttons and place the grips on both sides. The grips should adjust automatically.

Try to twist the grips to be sure that they will not fall down with the pressure.

Step 8 Checking up:

You should have done the process already. Before going on a ride, check out all the points that you have operated.

Get help from the user manual of the scooter to check this out.

4 Things: you must check before riding a razor scooter

Height adjustment:

You must adjust the height of the handlebar according to your height. Check out the height placing your foot on the footpad and holding the handlebar.

If you feel comfortable with the height, then you can ride it now. Otherwise, pull out the quick-release clamp. Pull out or down the handlebar from the steering column.

Twist the handlebar a little bit to do it smoothly. After adjusting the height, fix the clamp in the same position.

Joint levers:

The joint lever is the main point in your razor scooter. It holds the pressure of your weight and the force. You should check this out before every ride.

The joint lever should be strong, shiny, and smooth to adjust. You may have to clean it regularly.


Make sure, the breaks are in good condition. Unfit breaks may cause accidents. Look at the grips of the breaks.

Clean the surface of the break with normal water once in a week.


Smooth wheels confirm your effort. If you have smooth wheels, then you need less effort to run the scooter easily. You should lubricate the wheels twice or thrice in a month.

Bottom line:

You may not find all the points such as handlebar buttons and collar clamp in all types of razor scooters. Keep your fingers apart from the joining points.

Before riding the scooter, make sure all the points and clamps are in the right place. To be familiar with the methods of how to open a razor scooter, read this article twice then apply.

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