Learning How to Put Pegs on a Scooter?

Pegs form an integral part of the scooter. They enable one to do more and more with their scooter. Pegs make the grinding easier, faster, and stylish. Over a period, they wear out, and you shall need to replace them quite often.

Many people do not have an idea of how to do the replacement. In some instances, others are not even aware of how to check whether the current ones are still in good condition.

It is against this backdrop that I am coming up with this article. It shall guide on all the matters that pertain to the scooter pegs, and how to install it. Read on for more information.

What are the best pegs for a scooter?

There are several brands in the market today. The tastes and preferences among the users differ. However, you can choose from any of the following for your scooter:

  • Lucky pegs.
  • Apex Bowie Pegs and Apex Barnaynay Peg Set.
  • Elite Concave Pegs.
  • Envy Chromo Pegs and Envy Aluminum Pegs.
  • Z-FIRST Pro Scooter Pegs.
  • LUFA Polish Pro Scooter Pegs.

The list is long, but those are among the few best pegs in the market today. If you choose any of the above for your scooter, it will serve you beyond your expectations.

How do you put pegs on a scooter?

To start, you will need some tools such as the pegs and peg axle, a set of Allen keys, and an Allen wrench.

The steps;

Hold the scooter firmly.

Hold the scooter securely. You will need to have it firm when working on it, especially when removing the current axle. If it is too tight, you will need to use an extra amount of energy to unbolt. It is, therefore, mandatory to hold it tight.

Remove the current axle.

Use an Allen wrench to remove the current axle. Be careful when doing this so that you do not lose the spacers. Once it is open, use an Allen wrench to push the rest of the axle out. Do this with some care as well. When it is out, you will be having the spacers, the wheel, and the axle separate.
Place the spacers and the axle on a clean surface. It can be on a cardboard or a flat piece of wood. You will require them when clean to put back to the scooter.

Prepare the pegs.

Prepare the pegs by running the peg axle through it. You can choose to have it either on the left side or even on the right side. You will, therefore, have to decide in advance about the location. The position that you will place does not matter. However, the way you put it can bring a difference. If you don’t do it right, then it will be problematic, and you will have to repeat the exercise.

Pass the peg axle bolt through the openings.

Pass the bolt through the openings a little bit at a time. Use it to hold the spacers in place so that they do not install wrongly. Hold the wheel in place while in the process. Keep on moving the axle through, slowly but gently until the final spacers fit in, or until you get to the final opening on the deck.

Countercheck the progress.

Confirm that everything is in order before you tighten the axle. Make sure that the spacers are holding well too.

Tighten the nut.

Tighten the nut first by the use of hand until it holds in place. Next, use the socket wrench to complete the remaining task. Continue until when the bolts cannot move anymore. However, you should not over-tighten it as it may damage the axle and the spacers. They are also somehow delicate.

Test the scooter.

To know whether you have done an excellent job, test the scooter. Listen to the axle to find out if the pegs are producing weird sounds. If it is smooth, then the exercise is successful.

How does one remove the scooter pegs?

The procedure of removing the pegs is as shown above. Follow it to the latter, while observing care not to lose any part.

Are the scooter pegs useful?

Yes, they are an integral part of the scooter. These pegs enhance the capabilities of your machine, while at the same time giving it more capability options.

After how long should I change the scooter pegs?

Much depends on how you use it. If you use it frequently, the pegs will wear out faster, and you will then have to change them frequently. However, if you do not use it quite often, you will serve you for long, hence less frequency of changing it. You should, however, keep on checking on it for suitability.

Is it worth to install them in the scooter?

Having seen the importance and the capabilities that it offers, I recommend them to anyone. The pegs are affordable, and every scooter needs some. You will love the experience.

Do you need to replace the pegs when replacing the scooter wheel?

No, it is not a must to replace them. Just change the wheel without touching the pegs. That can be an exception when you are doing the total overhaul of the system. You do not, however, need to wait until the parts wear out. If you feel like overhauling it to make your scooter look better, you can proceed with the exercise.

Do both the rear and front wheel use the same pegs?

Yes, the pegs are universal. There is no difference between the two, but if it exists, then it is very minimal.


Pegs give a scooter more capabilities. You will be able to do more with a machine that has one, as compared to those that have none. When they wear out, replace them as soon as you can. The process is simple and fast.

You have to follow the steps, and when you are not sure about anything, refer to the user manual. Be careful not to lose spacers and other parts when removing the axle.

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