How To Stay Safe Riding Medical Mobility Scooter

Most people use their scooters outside and for that reason, there are several safety issues that everyone should be aware of. Now most people immediately think of the nature and design of the scooter and this is certainly one aspect; the other though has to do with the behavior of the driver.

Medical Mobility Scooter

First a few design issues:

1) The first thing to be aware of is that medical mobility scooters have a high center of gravity and can be tippy.  The three-wheeled models more so than four-wheeled. You should make certain to always drive up and down hills and ramps and not drive across them.  As well it is prudent to stay well back from any sort of drop off that might present itself.  Many scooters come in different trim levels and both three and four-wheeled models making it easier to find the model that’s best for you.

2) Scooters behave like cars when on slippery surfaces. If the user tries to travel across a terrain that’s too snowy, or too soft such as sand, it’s likely to get stuck.  Do not race down a hill in the middle of winter and expect to be able to stop at an intersection.

3) Most scooters have air-filled tires and will go flat if driven across a nail, tack or broken glass. The good thing is that most can be repaired using a simple bicycle repair kit. Also be sure to monitor tire pressure as this will ensure that both the tires and battery life do not wear out prematurely.

Next a couple driver issues:

4) A medical mobility scooter is not a car and some users don’t always realize that. Scooters should be driven on sidewalks whenever possible and drivers should behave like pedestrians.  It is worth remembering that due to their compact size scooters are not always easily spotted by drivers on the road.

5) Some people believe their scooter, or their ability to drive their scooter, is better than it is.  Others drive aggressively or even under the influence of alcohol.  These are all situations where people, property or even pets may be injured and definitely cases where the drivers themselves may be hurt.

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