Razor e300 | Best electric scooter for daily commute

This Christmas I received a Razor e300 electric scooter. I’m an adult, so this present came as a surprise. At first, I thought the e300 was for my kids, but then I realized they already got their presents, so this was probably for me.

It turned out my wife, who is in charge of our family budget, made some calculations and realized that we spend a significant amount of money on gas to do our store runs. The supermarket where we usually shop is about 4.5 miles away, so naturally, we take our car. It turns out that during the year, we spent $1500 on shopping gas. This money could be saved and put into our retirement fund. After some talking, we decided that in order to save money we need to spend a little.

razor e300 electric scooter review Razor e300 the best electric scooter for daily commute

Razor e300 electric scooter

First, we considered using a regular bike. Unfortunately, we are both over 200 lbs so biking seemed unfeasible. One day we saw an advertisement for an electric bike. This seemed like such a great idea, however, this bike was over $1000 and we just didn’t have that much in our budget. Our kids told us about electric scooters, and how much they wanted one. After some shopping, reviewing and comparing we got them a pair of Razor e100 scooters. These were quite affordable and had all the features our kids wanted. The e100s were inexpensive (the cheapest of all Razor Electric Scooters, perfect for kids) and reliable. After 2 years of abuse, these scooters are still running great.

To cut this long story short – me and my wife decided to get a bigger scooter for ourselves, to do store runs and to commute to work. We both work 3 miles away from home, and usually take turns in the office (when I work my wife stays home) as we run our own business. The Razor e300 turned out to be a perfect solution. It only takes about 4.5 hours to fully recharge, so by the time work is done the battery is full. This scooter goes about 12 mph, which is more than enough for city commuting. The scooter is lightweight, and the pneumatic tires make the ride very smooth and enjoyable. Living in California has the advantage of not having a winter to worry about, so riding this electric scooter all year is a pleasant experience.

We rarely take our car to work or to do shopping and already saved a ton of money on gas and maintenance. Using the Razor e300 costs almost nothing, the amount of electricity it consumes is laughable – we spend about $.25 on a single charge, that’s right – twenty-five cents to ride 15 miles.

I strongly advise anyone to consider getting an electric scooter, as they are cheap, reliable and tons of fun to ride.

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