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Brompton Eazy Wheels: Who, What, When, Where, and Why? | scooters for sale

The Brompton scooters can be folded and rolled along on wheels built into the frame. This feature is a great advantage when you’re tucking your Brompton under a desk or into a closet. Eazy Wheels make this feature even more useful. we are talking on scooters for sale¬†you can go for buy.

With Eazy Wheels, a folded Brompton scooter will roll even over rough surfaces. The larger wheels are faster and more durable than factory standard wheels and greatly improve the stability and portability of the folded scooter. Read on to find out more about Brompton Eazy Wheels.

Picking the Right Brompton Scooter Tire.

We believe an informed customer is a happy customer and we want to make sure you get exactly what you want from your Brompton scooter. As such, we are on an endless campaign to educate you. Among the many options to choose from when purchasing a Brompton scooter, tires are often overlooked. The right Brompton scooter tire will provide miles and miles of enjoyable riding because it is tailored to your riding style. So we’ve written this article to help you decide exactly what’s best for you.

Basic questions about how you plan on using your Brompton scooter and where you would be riding it quickly narrow down the choices and ensure you’ll pick the right Brompton scooter tire for you. Take a moment to read about Brompton scooter tires, we know you’ll find valuable information to help you choose the right Brompton scooter.

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IF Reach DC: Commuting on an Electric Scooter

Peter usually rides his non-electric scooter to work every day, but the past couple of days he’s been sweating so much we sent him home with an IF Reach DC folding electric scooter instead. Now he shows up to work nice and dry. Apparently, the electric scooter we gave him fits perfectly next to his desk back home, and as a lightweight electric scooter, it wasn’t so bad carrying it up 5 flights of stairs either.

We only got the IF Reach DC in stock recently but it has already proved to be a shop favorite. Peter wrote an article on his experience commuting on the IF Reach DC lightweight scooter. Give it a read if you’re curious about this awesome electric scooter.

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BionX Scooters

Ever wonder how a scooter would ride with the BionX electric scooter conversion kit? We’ve done a lot of different kinds of BionX conversions in our shop, from recumbents to mountain scooters, to road scooters. Do scooters hold up just as well with an electric motor?

We evaluated some of our most popular BionX scooters and compared them with full-size electric scooters. If you want something compact and portable, an electric scooter is the best way to go.

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db0 Electric scooter suggests alien life at NYCeWheels

Peter got back from vacation last week and discovered a mysterious electric scooter had appeared on our shop floor. The stark matte black and neon green finish of this electric scooter seems to suggest an alien activity. There were many questions surrounding its appearance, but after a thorough investigation, we’ve concluded it is known as a db0 electric scooter.

With a mono fork and chain stay, this strong>electric scooter has a pretty amazing and shocking look which is sure to catch your eye. Read Peter’s full report on the db0 electric scooter and the mysterious alien activity surrounding it on our blog.

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Picking Your Brompton Scooter Gearing

You don’t have the time to become an expert on scooter gearing. That’s why I’ve written a short article on the options for Brompton scooter gearing. Why should you care about the gearing options for your Brompton scooter? Why not just pick the least expensive or the most popular and be done with it? Well, there are a few reasons:

Picking the right Brompton scooter gearing guarantees you’ll use your Brompton to its full potential. Picking the right Brompton scooter gearing guarantees you’ll be happy with the weight of your Brompton. And most importantly, picking the right Brompton scooter gearing guarantees that riding your Brompton will be as enjoyable as possible. So take a moment to read our article on Brompton scooter gearing.

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eZee Forza Electric Scooter: Style and Power Combined

The eZee Forza electric scooter has all the best features of a high-quality electric scooter. Powerful brakes bring you to a quick stop. Battery powered lights keep you safe at night. Fenders keep you dry and a rear rack carries your load. It really doesn’t get much better than the eZee Forza electric scooter.

If you want a scooter that can do it all and look great in the process you want to check out the eZee Forza electric scooter.

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Why Pick a Hub Motor Kit?

The electric scooter is becoming more commonplace in commuter cities like New York and San Francisco. One of the big factors behind this popular surge is the maintenance-free hub motor. Built into the wheel, this motor is light, efficient, and reliable.

Check out our in-depth look at the electric scooter hub motor and find out why this type of electric motor kit is more popular than anything else out there.

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BionX Electric Conversion: The Trike

Putting a BionX electric motor kit on a 3-wheeled trike is often one of the best ideas for a stable commuter vehicle. The recumbent riding position, combined with a powerful BionX motor creates an electric alternative to a car that is fast, fun, and reliable.

The BionX trike is one of the most complicated conversions, simply because it can only work with a specific style of a tricycle. Read about the BionX trike before you make your purchase to see what we recommend.

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Get a Grip On Brompton Scooter Handlebars

I’m sure you know the Brompton scooter was conceived and designed to be a lightweight and compact scooter. Part of that design is a handlebar stem which is not adjustable. This makes the Brompton simpler to operate and saves quite a bit of weight in the end. As a result of this choice, there are three handlebar options to choose from when picking out a Brompton scooter.

Most people aren’t sure which Brompton scooter handlebar will work best for them. In fact, you have all the knowledge to make an informed choice already. Take a quick read through this article and you will discover what you already know. The right Brompton scooter handlebar for your purpose and riding style.

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Brompton scooter lights, batteries or generators?

As part of our on-going mission to inform and educate our customers, we have published this article about Brompton scooter lights. Bright, visible lighting is and important safety feature for any scooter rider, whether you are riding a Brompton scooter or not. Brompton has made it easy to be safe by providing three lighting options that integrate directly into the Brompton design.

Whether you choose a battery lighting system or one of two highly efficient and reliable hub dynamo lighting systems you can be sure that adding lights to your Brompton scooter will make you more visible and decrease your chances of getting into an accident. Not sure what the options are or what will work for you? Take a brief look at this article on Brompton scooter lights. It’s sure to be illuminating…

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Fenders, Racks, and The Brompton Scooter

The Brompton scooter was originally built around the needs of the everyday commuter. It was meant for someone who needed to deal with all kinds of road conditions while at the same time integrating seamlessly with public transit. That’s why the first Bromptons came with fenders as standard, with a rear rack built right into the frame.

As it grew in popularity, however, the Brompton’s designers quickly realized the demand for a lighter and simpler scooter. As a result, the modern Brompton scooter comes in 3 varieties: with rack and fenders, with fenders only, and without rack or fenders. Which one is right for you? Have a read through this article on Brompton scooter fenders and rack to find out.

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Dahon Boost: A Compact Electric Folder

Dahon is traditionally known as one of the best scooter companies in the world. When they sent us the Dahon Boost electric scooter, we were curious to see how it would compare to our other electric scooters.

Upon our initial ride, we were impressed. The Dahon Boost is a powerful little scooter, not to mention a pretty compact folder. It now resides in our shop, so if you’re looking for a lightweight folding electric scooter, consider the Dahon Boost.

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BionX Road Scooters

One in a while, we get that die-hard cyclist riding a really nice road scooter who is interested in the BionX electric motor kit. Getting a bit of electric assistance is nice for those long rides. Just ask those Tour de France guys (just kidding!).

BionX is a great system for riders who love to pedal, because of the integrated pedal assistance. Adding the electric motor kit to a lightweight road scooter also results in an extremely light electric scooter. If this all sounds appealing, you should read about BionX Road Scooters and build your own electric scooter!

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Electric scooter kits, go cheap or expensive?

Thinking about buying an electric scooter conversion kit? There are a lot of different brands out on the market right now, and without any experience dealing with different kinds of batteries and motors, the price difference can be a huge impact when you decide to purchase one. What can you expect from an electric scooter conversion kit that costs $300 versus an electric scooter kit that costs $2000? We’ve outlined some key differences between a cheap electric scooter conversion kit and a good quality, long-term electric scooter conversion kit.

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BionX Step-Through Scooters

Picking the best scooter for a BionX electric scooter conversion is tough. As electric scooter experts, we’ve been able to convert almost any scooter. Some scooters turn out better than others, so we try to narrow down the best scooters for an electric conversion kit, to make your life easier.

The step-through ladies frame is traditionally known for its comfortable ride, ease of mounting, and maneuverability. In recent years, the step-through scooter has been rebuilt as a unisex model, so that men and women alike can enjoy the easy mounting style. Thinking about a comfortable BionX scooter? Check out a BionX Step-Through Scooter.

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Electric scooter wheels power you up to the hills

Okay, so you pulled that old scooter out of the basement to see if it can handle an electric motor wheel. Chances are, that rickety, rusty thing is not the best candidate for the job. An electric scooter wheel also needs a sturdy, good quality scooter to support it.

We put together a few questions to consider when buying an electric scooter conversion kit. Specifically, is that scooter you already own okay for the job, or would it be wise to buy a brand new scooter? There are some key factors to take into account to make sure you’re not going to build something that will fall apart a few days later. Read about what we recommend for the safety of your electric scooter wheel.

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