Travel Scooter vs Portable Scooter –Is There a Difference?

Travel Scooter vs Portable ScooterTravel Scooter vs Portable Scooter-

The use of the terms travel scooter and portable scooter sometimes causes confusion.

In the strictest sense travel scooters are the smallest scooters available with portable scooters next in line, however, the terms are virtually interchangeable and simply refer to mobility scooters that are lightweight, agile and easy to disassemble.

Take a few seconds to view the video below and you will see exactly what is meant by a travel scooter / portable scooter. As you can see it is a very simple process to disassemble these lightweight scooters if you are planning a trip or simply if you wish to minimize the clutter around your home.

Pride Mobility makes a few different medical mobility scooters which fall into the category of travel scooter / portable scooter.  For additional information on these please follow the links below. Note they appear in ascending order of size, i.e. the lightest/smallest is the Go-Go Ultra X weighing in at only 92lbs (including the battery). This is all about Travel Scooter vs Portable Scooter.

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